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Skalitzky Sod can ship you as much sod as you need
Fleet of Tractor Trailers for delivery.

We specialize in Kentucky Blue Glass and offer a wide range of services along with expert growing advice.


Our farm's goal for commercial projects and retail outlets is to put your business in the limelight by providing you with a top quality turfgrass. When you choose to work with Skalitzky Sod Farms, you will appreciate our customer support and the noticeable difference in our product that your customers will thank your for. We have provided reputable service to our customers, large and small, for over 15 years. Let's work together to create a smooth turfgrass transition from our farm to your site.


Comfort and beauty in your yard, young girl lounging on yard grass
Comfort and beauty in your yard.

Our family's goal is to provide you with a better understanding of turfgrass before you invest in your new lawn. We want you to be able to make the very best choice for your home by taking into consideration the usage and current environment of your yard. That way, you and your family can enjoy many years of a healthy, green lawn.

Top Quality Turf Product

Our sod is harvested using the latest technology in turf harvesting equipment to ensure a uniform thickness.

  • Standard Size: Rolled sod measures 24" x 5' totaling 10 sq. feet per roll.
    Do the installation yourself by using our standard size roll.
    Give us a call for delivery information.
  • Big Rolls save time by easily covering large areas. Big Roll sod measures 4' x 90' or 360 sq. feet per roll
    Each Big Roll weighs about 1000 lbs and requires special sod installation
    equipment. Big roll sod installers are available for rent.

Skalitzky Farms provides fieldstone as well
Retaining wall field stone boulders available

Landscaping Boulders

We have fieldstone boulders from 14" to 30" for
all your landscaping needs. Boulder coverage is
6 to 8 sq. ft per ton. Call us for more information.

Forklift and sod harvester