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Welcome to Skalitzky Sod Farms, LLC

At Skalitzky Sod Farms we’re committed to offering our residential and commercial customers exceptional service and a high quality turf product. Based in Waterloo, outside of Madison, Wisconsin, we ship quality sod all over the Midwest.

Skalitzky Sod Mahchine and Kentucky Blue Grass
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Kentucky Blue Grass

We provide superior quality turfgrass with an innovative 3-D blend of Kentucky Bluegrass, delivered directly to our customers. Experience the beauty of a thick lawn with density that will help to keep the weeds out. 3-D sod produces a naturally dark turf – which means less fertilizing. A lower canopy height and less vertical growth means less mowing and more time for you to enjoy it.

Family Owned and Operated

Skalitzky Sod Farms is a family owned and operated business located southeast of Waterloo, Wisconsin, shipping all over the Midwest. Our mission is to provide our customers with only the highest quality turf products and superior service at reasonable prices.

Turf installation help

Before making an investment in sod, consider these important steps:

  • Soil preparation
  • Measuring and ordering
  • Installation techniques
  • Watering your new Lawn
  • Maintenance including mowing, aerating and fertilizing

The experts at Skalitzky Sod Farms can help answer all your questions. Contact us for your next landscaping project.

Sod harvester and pallete of sod